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Being intense

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Being intense

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Emotional Intensity and Borderline Personality Disorder Emotional Intensity and Borderline Personality Disorder Everyone has their own ways of expressing emotions and reacting to life circumstances. If your emotions feel out of control or you have a hard time coming down from those emotions, then those big feelings could indicate that you are suffering from emotional dysregulation or Borderline Personality Disorder.

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Complex thinking and creativity Your powerful intuition, speedy thought process and perceptual abilities allow you to absorb and surge through information very quickly. This often means we have to accept and value our own emotional experience and feelings so that we can be a positive role model for children.

What i’ve learned from being “way too intense”

Discuss feelings openly; the negative as well as the positive. Intense, quirky people tend to attract other intense, quirky people. After five hours of practice — Typing Club tracks everything for me — I have now memorized the entire alphabet and am up to over 25 words per minute. Everyone creates storylines: interpretations often unconscious for what triggered you.

And this can create strong inner responses to life events. What kid in his right mind would use his own allowance to buy Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing?

I get an idea in my mind, my intensity kicks in, and I become obsessed with the idea. This might be playing a game on your phone or watching an interesting TV segment. Appropriate discipline is the consistent application of values, rules and behaviours that are beibg to be important in the family.

Do you feel emotions deeply? these tips might help

You see the world with depth and complexity. You take things personally and often take too much responsibility for what happens in a relationship. However, the real definition and scope of giftedness beung much wider and far more complex than that. But typically one or two will emerge as the most persistent, she said.

This can be a good thing. Powerful perceptivity and intuition You are highly aware of what is going on around you, and you see a deeper layer of reality that is beyond the surface. No matter what the origin of your beinh intensity is, or the group empathy, highly sensitive person, gifted, thin-skinned, introvert that you identify with, emotional intensity is not something to be fixed or cured but to be accepted, appreciated and mastered.

This was not good.

What is emotional intensity?

But intensity is not all bad. It subjectively felt too intense for me as well. You might have felt an urge to leave home to explore the world, even you feel guilty for leaving people behind. Emotional intensity in itself is not a pathology.

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I just decided to do it. Am I enjoying this? When you feel into music or art, you feel completely absorbed, sometimes you have difficulty pulling yourself out from an immersive art experience. This causes them to be regularly told that what they are feeling is wrong. You know the meaning of ecstasy and rapture, though this may not be shared by others around you.

Having a heightened sensory system also means that you are extremely responsive to situations and your surroundings.

Emotional intensity and borderline personality disorder

You also can integrate intellectual concepts with your deep feelings for original conceptions. This often in impulsive or emotional actions that cause pain and problems to the person struggling as well as their family, friends and peers. It is characterised by heightened and intense feelings, a constant stream of both positive and intense feelings - pain, distress, despair, imtense, excitement, love, sadness or happiness - sometimes a mixture of many at the same time. Profoundly rich inner world Your inner world consists of both vivid imaginations and rich inner dialogue.

I know my parents will probably read this, so I made it extra dramatic just to increase their blood pressure a little bit. When your perceptiveness is being with a strong sense inttense justice, the interpersonal dynamic can become challenging for bding.

Therapy can help regulate intense emotions

But remember, you are highly, not overly, sensitive and perceptive. Emotionally intense gifted people often neing abnormal. But now I realize how intense it all was. You might have felt frustrated that those around you, including thh adults, were not prepared to discuss and consider these weighty concerns. They are however an intrinsic part of being gifted and provide the drive that gifted people have for personal growth and achievement.

People with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive tendencies are excellent at hiding their symptoms. Still, everyone has a breaking point, and I being that the read — all — the — books — at — once method for living was not good for my intense health. Explain the benefit of rules to the child and enforce them through consequence of behaviour. Parents need to exercise appropriate discipline as this helps develop a sense of security that le to the development of self-discipline and a feeling of emotional competency.

You have a strong need to seek to understand, to expand your horizons, to gain knowledge. Louis Center for Family Development, our therapists help people in the St.

Don't expect them to be little "adults". You experience life with tenderness and nostalgia. With an ability to process information with speed and depth from a young age, you live with an existential angst, a sense of urgency, an impulse to move forward, a constant need to learn and to advance your life path. You are likely to be an avid reader and a keen observer.

You have a need to push the boundaries of conformity, to question or intsnse challenge traditions, particularly those that seem meaningless or unfair.

Why do you feel different?

For instance, these qualities might be courage, compassion and creativity. Therapy Can Help Regulate Intense Emotions Emotional dysregulation is when a person experiences intense emotions they are unable to manage in constructive ways.

Emotional intensity comprises of the following five components: 1.