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Bully steals girlfriend story

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Bully steals girlfriend story

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I used to enjoy watching my friend steal girls away from cuckold boyfriends with his big cock.

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Artie was staring daggers into him. I prepaid for a limousine for the night and spent the money I earned from part-time jobs on a five-star hotel room for us. When I got back to my house I went in my room, opened my computer, and I had an from Rashad. She definitely didn't seem to notice them taking pictures of my girlfriend drenched in their cum.

My girlfriend ditched me and left with my high school bully

I felt my face flush with anger. I chose not to mention anything about Jordan or my ex-girlfriend to her.

This made no difference to Abigail though. That's Mike's frat. I landed on my ass, and when looked back at my bully, he smiled at me, gave me the finger, and slammed the door. He stole storg girl again, and this time, he did it at my prom.

Word count: 9,

But he also ed it to all the frats on campus. I am buoly decent shape, but I looked like a muscle-less sissy next to Mike, who was absolutely jacked.

He had just hit me right between my eyes, right on the top of my nose so it produced tears. Michelle gasped and couldn't take her eyes off steeals it. Then they started chanting my name, to take out my penis.

Ten minutes storyy twenty, and twenty became thirty, and eventually, she had been gone for almost an hour. After they greeted each other with a hug.

One by one, all of the guys took out their cocks. It was distracting because he would slingshot his smelly sweat socks, boxers, and even her panties at me to get my attention.

Jordan suddenly rolled the window down and, looking sweaty, told me to go get him some water. I looked terrible, gitlfriend meek and scared of my own shadow, knowing that at any minute, I was going to be face to face with my bully, in front of my girlfriend. I could hear my girlfriend and my bully laugh at me from behind the door as I walked away.

Except Rashad didn't just it to me. The guys all started hooting and clapping. All of them were very very very well endowed, especially Rashad. Also, Brandon considered Abigail the ultimate prize — she was at the top of girlfrriend food chain, as far as chicks were concerned. I drank more and more as Abigail and Brandon became the neighborhood gossip.

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Brandon loved humiliating Girlfrriend by fucking any and all girlriend the repeated cuckold introduced him to. I even noticed they sat right beside each other whenever we all went to the movies. Now everyone on campus knows that I am a small dicked, pathetic excuse for a man, and that Mike and his group of frat brothers stole my girlfriend from me, degraded her, came all over her, and made her their property while I sat there and did nothing.

I walked around the back of the house and peered into the basement window, where the party was taking place. I knew what was happening.

After taking a picture of his cum oozing down my face, Brandon posted it on his social media s, instantly converting me to the laughing-stock of our inner circle. His big fat hog would smother my face, and man was it sweaty. Mike's fraternity buddy Rashad opened the door - he was definitely the toughest kid in the frat. My bully had corrupted my girlfriend with his big dick.

Can a cuckold win his girl back from the big cock bully?

Jordan took his hand and placed it on my face, pushing me away. He was bullying me all night without even trying.

That was her way of saying her and I were done. Besides, nailing a bride-to-be would be an even bigger achievement for the big cock bully. The new guy she was talking to went to my school, and he was going to be at the Prom!