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Gay truckstop sex

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Gay truckstop sex

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A gentle beep from the truck passing me. It was a hunky guyno shirt, broad shoulders, big smile with great white teeth that looked like they were capped. He was staring in my window. I smiled, pulling my hand away from my swollen cock so he had a good look. He pursed his lips, like a kiss, and he veered to the side of the highway and stopped.

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As his beautiful erect cock touched mine, a drop of pre-cum sparkled in the red light on his piss slit. His hands drifted to his loins and played with his packed and growing box. With that he buckled his pants and left.

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I turned. I licked it and teased it and sucked it, its size growing to enormous proportions in thickness as well as length.

I was really getting a good face fucking from this big cock. I tapped on the side of the glory hole and waited to see what would happen. I was in no hurry at this point to make him cum. See those trucks out there?

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Blood surged to my loins in one overwhelming wave. Naked as when I saw him in the truck. It was such a huge load there was no way I could swallow it all and it leaked out the side of my mouth.

His hand was very large and dominant. Mirrors and all.

I then released his cock reluctantly. His cock was now just a few inches from my cock hungry mouth. My cock seemed locked in its hardness. I want more than a quick blow. How nice it would be to fuck that tight little rotating ass.

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truckstkp He seemed to enjoy this. I reached out and gently took hold of his cock just behind the head and slowly pushed backward so the skin was removed from the tip of his cock. His freshness was appealing. Two hairy amazons stood over him, urinating. Lovers kisses.

I heard him stand and I could see him move toward the glory hole. His nips had to be two inches long, erect and rubbery, kind of the color of rust. Except for a small patch of pubic hair, his skin was smooth and transparent.

The swollen testicles imprisoned the vast quantity of sperm that demanded release. Both were drinking Bud out of the can. I tried to force more of his cock into my mouth.

I then looked at his cock which I could tell was hard and long. It was fascinating for me to see.

I own it. It was hard to get just the head inside my mouth. Finally, I fell to the floor my body covered with the sweat of taking his cream away from him.

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Both were stripped. I then pulled the shaft forward and covered the tip of his cock again. He now started to push forward into me and I let it slide in and out. Finally I felt the jerking begin at the fruckstop of his cock and then I felt what I had been waiting for the first big hot spurt of cum hitting the back of my throat.

I was thinking of all this and gently playing with my balls and cock. I felt the warm slimy piss on my feet as I stepped into the room.

So I slowly moved down the cock and then moved back toward the tip making sure that I never slid the head back out of my mouth. His head was bowed as I passed his room, as though he was afraid I would reject him, for certainly he was offering himself to me. He bent forward, reached down, and putting his huge hands into my armpits, he pulled me onto the bed.