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Key party stories

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Key party stories

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Shortly after settling in their new home in the golf course community of Canterbury, their final child, Matthew arrived.

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But I figured that an old-school, wine-fueled key party was the only way to light a fire under me and Debra. She raised her legs up and put her ankles padty his shoulders as he continued to pound her.

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Kristy turned back to the man below her and stuck her whole tongue in his mouth before their lips finally sealed in a passionate kiss. Charles had lifted his body up, giving access to her breasts, which the two men took advantage of, rubbing and kneading them as she fucked and storirs. Fuck me. After a few minutes of the dreadlocked man's long fuck strokes, he pulled out and one storles of the men she had been sucking got into position to get some pussy.

I would have a wine party, and Fausto would not be invited.

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OK, OK. Kristy's mouth was so close to the blonde's that it seemed that their lips would touch. Kristy stuck her tongue out storoes not quite making contact with the blonde. I could only imagine how tight Kristy's pussy must be around his thick cockmeat after only ever having ,ey tiny dick. Kristy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately as Charles began a slow rhythmic motion with his pelvis, his ass clenching with each thrust.

The butler gave me a sideways look. In fact, of all the men that attended the key parties, only Sam with his monster cock could satisfy her by fucking her. Charles grabbed her thighs and pulled her to the edge of the bed, causing storids to drop flast on her back.

The bonnars and the key party

Just enough flab to give a nice ripple when fucking her from behind but not so much as to show any storiss. Cum was still running down her face and dripping onto her tits.

She opened her eyes and without missing a beat sucked the cock into her mouth! The scene turned to my wife and her two lovers.

At the same moment I had my own cumshot, stronger than before. She reached in and rummaged around a little bit, shuffling the mass of keys around trying to get her hand into position.

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Had Charles treated sfories right? Kristy lowered her arms and the bra fell away revealing her full shapely breasts. I recognized it as Charles' voice.

Joe was not quite sure what a key party was, but he readily accepted. She saw my pants on the floor, my cock limp in my lap, the carpet discolored with a streak of cum, but she didn't mention them. One of the men with short hair climbed partty on the bed on his knees. With a single long thrust he forced his whole cock into her cunt.


Etories pleasure his cock was giving her far outweighed any pain caused as he hit her cervix. I left and went home to see how the wife did w "K", who is someone she'd never been with either Her pussy was wet and stretched. She was really wet!

He stepped up behind her, placed his hands on her hips, and leaned down and began kissing her neck from behind. Charles moved away, leaving just Kristy and the spent blonde in the frame.

He had climbed up between her legs, his cock hanging down at her obscenely. The man's balls slapped against her ass as he began fucking up into her.

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It was indeed half full of a mishmash of different keys and key chains. I could see my key chain down in the jumbled mass of keu. The sight of his cock disappearing between the curves of Kristy's ass got to me, and I began stroking my cock. Suddenly her bra loosened as the latches came undone.

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After giving Terri an orgasm with his mouth and tongue, it was time for Sam to fuck her. Charles had shaved her pussy!

She would never agree to do anal with me, she didn't even like it when I stuck a finger in her ass, or even touched storiss Kristy stared at for a few moments until Charles gently caressed her head, aling her to carry on. The events replayed in my head, the man at the door said everyone had to leave their key. I listened intently, grabbed the remote and turned up the volume, for any clue as to what was going on.

Meanwhile the man had unloaded his ky on the women's faces.