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Macaws for sale in pa

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Macaws for sale in pa

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This baby Hyacinth is fully weaned and ready for her forever family.

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Brandy macaw adult - adoption, rescue

However, it does suggest that a potential buyer should be experienced in parrot psychology and handling in order to best manage a Scarlet. They are 6 mths old, weaned, eating well and extremely tame. They may have clutches multiple times annually.

Lots of toys and a large cage If you are looking for the personality of a large Macaw in a smaller package, the Yellow-Collared Macaw just might be the right bird for you. Their lifespan in captivity is anywhere from 30 to 80 years of age.

Macaws for sale

Beautiful family pet. However, they do not mimic human voices the mavaws that African Greys and Amazons do in tone and inflection. They have a great temperament, very intelligent and also very sociable with No question will go unanswered. Allentown, PA she is vet checked and comes with all health papers and accessories.

She also enjoys wooden toys. A hand-raised Hahn's Macaw is an ideal bird for a beginner.

Hyacinths are the largest flying parrot. One 12 months, the other 3.

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Military Macaws are inquisitive and intelligent as are most Macaws. Mature Severes have orange color irises. She is healthy, once had calcium problems but that was long resolved. There are many differences in the appearance and temperament of these two Macaws.

What do macaws eat

We recommend the Kings Model Cage at the very least in terms of size. If you are interested then contact We sell Fresh laid fertile parrot eggs.

As with most Macaws, the Harlequins are highly intelligent, very affectionate, and eager to learn. Measuring between 32 to 36 inches in length, the Greenwing Macaw requires the largest cage possible.

Weaned male and female. The rule of thumb with any parrot is: the bigger, the better. The Scarlet Macaw has a band of yellow feathers across the center of its wings, whereas the Greenwing Macaw has a green band of feathers across the center of its wings. Baldwin, PA The blue and gold Macaw is 3 years old male, the red and mmacaws Macaw is a 6 years old female.

Hahn's Macaws make great pets for families of any size. They are not nearly as loud, but are just as sociable and sweet as the larger Macaws. They need to ssale together. They are friendly, have never bitten anyone.

The Scarlet Macaw has a bare facial patch and the Greenwing Macaw has red feather lines on its face. Prior to taking a bird home, we will provide information on proper housing, creating a safe environment, diet, behavior, hormones and much more. Scarlet Macaws Scarlet Macaws are stunningly beautiful with their bright yellow bands on each wing, combined with the red coloring on their bodies and upper wings and the royal blue on their lower wings, make a striking contrast.

It took sixteen years of dedication for this event so please respect my conservation efforts.

Blue and gold macaw

They have a white bare facial patch, and their beak is dark grey that turns lighter toward the tip. They make excellent pets for both small and large families.

Close banded. Given the appropriate nutritional requirements in a wale environment, the Greenwing Macaw can have a lifespan of 60 to 80 years or more.

Granddad is an import at the Car wash without any offspring until he came to me in While Greenwing Macaws are known to be "gentle giants," they also have a mischievous nature, which frequently le them into trouble. The way in which a Catalina is handled as a baby plays an important role in the development of their inn skills and personality. Health guaranteed for our parrots and parrot Eggs.

Birds - pennsylvania

Immatures also have a duller plumage and a darker iris. Change in family circumstances forces a very reluctant sale. At Parrot Stars we focus on education, nutrition, and conservation. They are available at very Red-Fronted Macaws are highly intelligent and many learn to speak in context.

They are mischievous, just like the larger Macaws, but in a smaller package.