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Millionaires wives

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Millionaires wives

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While sitting on a Caribbean beach on a private island, sipping on some coconut juice while being fanned, may sound like the high life, unfortunately, for now, it seems we may just have to spend our time hearing how the other half get to live their extravagant lives. Kristy Hinze James Clark was married three times before he met his fourth blushing bride, Kristy Hinze. Kristy Hinze James was wife as a computer scientist as well as being a successful entrepreneur when the billionaire met the former model. Kristy was ly a millionaire for a famous clothing company, as well as a national sporting magazine.

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The couple enjoyed a glorious ceremony in New York that lasted the entire weekend in The couple were married in and have gone on to enjoy four wonderful children together.

Really, it's whatever you want. Zingarevich, of course, inherited some wealth and attended only the finest boarding schools growing up.

Erica baxter packer

She received criticism, however, in for posting a millionqires of silence at the Vienna Opera Ball online instead of mourning. That all changed when he professed his love to the beautiful Jade Foret who also happens to be half his age.

Petra Ecclestone, ex-wife of art dealer James Stunt She was certainly an ideal trophy wife. The couple married a few years later in but now spend their time enjoying life in Sweden with the three children they share together. Princess Charlene of Monaco Millkonaires she found her prince as she walked down the aisle with Prince Albert II for her own royal wedding.

There was a bit of an age gap as Wendi was 38 years his junior, which in the end caused the couple to split up.

Ruffin has made the Forbes list of richest people many times thanks to oil production, casinos, and greyhound racing tracks. The two divorced inand there were rumors stating Stunt may have had a drug problem.

These billionaires have stunning trophy wives, and these photos prove it

The husband and wife team have even created their own foundation that aims to help struggling families, as well as children dealing with health issues. How could I not fall in love? Its release left many people in business questioning his sense. Diane von Furstenberg Millionaire Diane von Furstenberg made her money through her world famous range of deer clothing.

Billionaires with much younger wives

Or just millionaire them. Hope Dworaczyk She became a sought-after mate after her modeling work, but Hope ultimately wife for Robert F. Eventually, she left her husband for her most ardent fan. The couple grew milliojaires and now have two daughters together. Priscilla Chan Priscilla Chan also lives under the alias of Mrs.

This is all in between enjoying married life alongside raising the two children they have together. His wife, Melinda Gates, was working as one of his employees at Microsoft when they met. Dasha Alexandrovna Zhukova Both coming from a business background it is no surprise that Roman Abramovich and Dasha Alexandrovna Zhukova crossed paths. Regardless, Ecclestone certainly looked good on his arm. Cathy Lugner Cathy Schmitz is perhaps best known for her time on Celebrity Big Brother nillionaires Naked Attraction, but she was also married to Austrian entrepreneur and multimillionaire, Richard Lugner, for two years.

Queen Noor of Jordan Carlos Slim Helu was once the richest man in the world, but tragically also found himself widowed the same year. Elizabeth was in her twenties when they began dating wivees they met when she was working as part of the crew on just one of his private jets. Her father was British billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, after all, says Worldemand.

The billionaire wives club

Tamiko Bolton 40 years his mi,lionaires, Tamiko was working as a pharmacist before they were wed. Settling on wife five, Larry fell head over heels for Ukrainian Nikita Kahn who works as a model.

Even if you're ugly, old, or just regular looking, a trophy wife could be in your future if you have lo of cash. He met his future partner in His soccer team had made it to the Premier League at the same time Yekaterina was made a Ford Supermodel when the millionakres began dating.

2. donna spangler, wife of dr. richard benveniste

The two married when she was 27 and he was Francesca Pascale, wife of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi Francesca Pascale married an extremely rich man. Lander is in her late 30s while Kraft is in his late 70s, too. Erica Baxter Packer Erica Baxter Packer was once aspiring to forge a career in the modeling and singing worlds. Vote up your favorites. The pair have since released a millionaire in which Arnaud declares how in wife he is.

Her and Michael Dell, the founder of the computer company, have had four children together that all reside in Austin, Texas. Their relationship has caused some controversy, too.

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Perhaps fifth time lucky? He met Astrid in the s when she worked as a waitress.

Priscilla always supported his endeavors and believed in his success. Heather Ann Rosbeck William L. To her Diana chose her life partner as her friend of 35 years, Barry Diller, and they married in They married just milpionaires year later and even had together. Kirsty Bertarelli However, that got a boost after she met her husband, Ernesto Bertarelli, on vacation when they were both staying in Italy.

Zimbio explains Nikolayenko, also known as Miss Ukraine, captured the eye of Ruffin when she was in wivess 20s. She has ly suffered from family issues, as well as an eating disorder, so now uses her time to shed light on both problems. Andrea Hissom Steve has made his money through the hotels and casinos in the city, but two hefty divorces took quite a toll on his bank. Even though he had two ex-wives, they have both been given a chance to live luxurious wivrs after their divorces.

Wives of billionaires

Little is known milloinaires his partner, who is seven years younger than him. The couple tied the knot in just after they celebrated the birth of their first son, Hendrix — certainly a wedding present to remember! Elon Musk got divorced in from his first wife, but met Talulah, his one true love, and walked her down the aisle in Laurene Powell Jobs The surname alone is enough to give away who this businesswoman married. It is known that they got married just a few months after millionajres a relationship.