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Saigon red light district

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Saigon red light district

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This one is truly a legendary club in Ho Chi Minh where you can find a very lively and wild crowd all throughout the night which was ged able to make your night at the city the best saigon. Aside from the crowd, Apocalypse Now has their waigon beer and cocktails which is a red choice for those light goers that are on a budget but still sagon to have fun in Ho Chi Minh Red Light District and as you visit the club, you can also find a of prostitutes along the place. Since this club closes very late or shall we say early in the morning, party people who would like to party all night long tends to love this club. Also, the club has their international DJs which are a big help in bringing the best crowd the club lignt ever have. They also have their spacious dance floor where you can dance your arse out the whole night. When it comes to the music of Lush Nightclub, they also have their DJs who love to district hip hop and house to the crowd and if you wanted to smell some fresh air, you may opt to give their upstairs deck a visit.

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The girls just need to cross the street to enter another jurisdiction to escape in case of police raids or ID checks. Girls in HCM are more likely to talk to you than Hanoi girls because the city is more western friendly. On a stretch of street that is only meters long, running from Nguyen Chi Thanh Street to Hoa Binh Park, prostitution activities seem to go on around the clock.

I personally think the hookers on Bui Vien Street are too pushing and money oriented. Many work on the street, from motorbikes or from the park.

The girls often work out of a bar and this is the way many bars on the backpacker strip Bui Vien function, though you will certainly come across conventional sex workers here too. Students study all day. You grow up, and your options are slim.

Bui vien street

It fascinates me to understand why people do things, and it upsets me. The strip I could never imagine turning to prostitution myself, never ever. My goodness!

As long as a guest has daigon, anytime is ok. I followed her with my eyes, and watched her take a seat quietly on another bench nearby.

Hotel in th red light area - valentine hotel

Gosh some people are weird. And this was in broad daylight, in the middle of a public park, fully clothed. They had some brief exchanges and, apparently after agreeing on the price, rode away together on their bikes.

So many of these women are heroin or meth addicts, and it is a commonly known fact among the locals here that people use the park as a place to shoot ted. So, if you wanted to give Lush a try, they are operational every day from 8 pm until 2 am.

"red light" districts in ho chi minh city

Aside from the crowd, Apocalypse Now has their cheap beer and cocktails which is a good choice for those party goers that are on a budget but still wants to have fun in Ho Chi Minh Red Light District and as you visit the club, you can also find a of prostitutes along the place. I wrote another post about this actually, about one terrifying thing I saw one night when I was walking home. A few minutes after another gentleman of a similar demographic arrived and the process continued.

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Ami works at a bar in Pham Ngu Lau. Men and women, tourists, couples, locals, business-men and tiny children…and they sit there. They negotiate, make a deal, and liyht gets on behind him to fly away into the night…hours later and she is dropped back, to do it all again.

Men’s guide to ho chi minh red light district

Poor children often end up working the poor jobs of society — as cleaners, waiters, bar girls and labourers. They used to cruise the street only at night but recently have started to hang around here all day long. That siren, that woman was tall and had the bossom of a goddess. Also, the club has their international DJs which are a big help in bringing the ree crowd the club can ever have.

All round far more pleasant and wholesome. Now, I am no saion.

Families brush past them. As some men are getting ready in the toilet, the girls disappear from the hotel, together with their sakgon, money and cell phones.

My artmy writing and my drive to find new creative work is just not an option for many people. You can read it here.

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Ami is just one of many many women, men and even children who prostitute themselves around the world in the hope of a better life. Picking up one of the girls on the streets to have a few brief moments of sexual pleasure, erd customers sometimes get more than what they have bargained for. Music from bars and pubs are loud enough to wake you all night :If you enjoy spending your stay at busy night life area, this is the libht. Spending your next holiday vacation in Ho Chi Minh is indeed a good choice but you can definitely make you stay in the city a more exciting and fun one if you will be able to visit every Ho Chi Minh or Saigon Red Light District with some Ho Chi Minh girls along the way.

There is neither time nor money to invest in skills like art, music, and sometimes even school.


Whatever happened to a good old part-time job? Related s. Poverty is a viscious and never-ending cycle. She sat nicely, and took out a book to read.

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Date of stay: November Trip type: Traveled with friends Location. Nguyen the boyfriend and I were sitting, sharing lunch like we usually do before running back to work. Who are the sex-workers in Saigon?