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Single mom with baby

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Single mom with baby

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Twitter They say it takes a village to raise. This rings especially true for single moms.

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I never cared what time it was or when she needed a nap. You have no one to do laundry, even if only a load for your baby's stuff. I imagined coming home and settling in as a family singel three. So instead, I came up with a plan that I still use to this day. Annette Garcia, mom siingle 3-year-old Mikayla, of Northridge, CA, was thrilled when her co-workers threw a shower and purchased many of the baby necessities from her registry.

Getting them a good swing that rocks and vibrates will keep them happy and peaceful while you can wiith simple things like take a shower, or do the laundry, or actually cook and meal nom eat it. I could have really used more than one support person for me and the baby, because we had to be separated while I recovered.

I hope these can be an encouragement to other new moms, single or not. I tried to remember that in those moments, even if no one else was there. The same goes for the not-so-fun moments.

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For most moms, a registry is the best tool to figure out what you need. Instead of rushing to pick them up after work, take a few minutes for yourself. Waiting rooms are generally crammed with nervous looking men on the verge of fatherhood; and as a single pregnant woman, I found it more bearable to squeeze in next to them with a friend in tow. Garcia, on the other hand, was relieved to move in with her parents permanently when she was four months pregnant.

Despite my circumstances, being a single mom is still being a mom. The good part about being a single parent? However, if you can afford a nanny, consider that option, too or a nanny share if money is tight. Try to still be the person you were before you became a single mom.

More about being a single parent

Or try getting on social media and find a moms group where you can at least talk to other single moms. That said, having some routine in your life — eating dinner and going to bed at the same time each day, for qith — can help make you feel more in control. But whether you have a Caesarian or a vaginal delivery, you will require regular check-ups with your doctor. I loved holding my sweet Penelope for the first time and feeding her from my own body.

Taking care of a newborn alone as a single mom

You are surviving the hardest part, and you're moj so with only the resources you've developed on your own. Figure out some systems that work for you and your baby, ask for help when you need it, and share the good and the bad with loved ones who can enjoy them with you. Momm will enjoy the warm water and steam, and you won't feel disgusting for the next 24 hours. Because guess what? Laundry on Wednesday.

How i put together a budget-friendly maternity wardrobe for fall

Something about experiencing the bad with another person made it seem less like a big deal. Even those fun groups that do workouts in the park with their infants.

Take all the usies you can squeeze in, and here's a hygiene hack: bring your baby in the shower with you. The hardest parts are right this second, and the good news about that is that it gets easier. Basically anything you can do financially to put yourself in the best position you can raise your newborn on your own. Staying in your home environment, close to friends, and establishing the new family unit sibgle the start can work, too. babt

Stick to a schedule Trying to keep track of everything going on in your life can be really difficult during this time. I have loved learning how to be a mother, and the selflessness that emerges from it I have loved watching her grow and develop into such a spit-fire of a personality.

As I swayed back and forth, begging my baby to sleep, my mom was more concerned with me. As the excitement starts to wear off, families start to get back to their routines, and the high of having a new baby turns into the reality of having a new baby. And so on.

My life as a single mom to a newborn

I loved watching my belly grow, and feeling my daughter flip around inside me. There were sinyle. If you are involved in the planning of your baby shower, suggest having a furniture-assembly theme.

I have gone days without eating and much much longer than I care to admit without showering. The more you have scheduled out, the less you have to think about.

When Penelope was having a screaming fit during a diaper change, it witb common for my tears to flow right along with hers. He wanted to be at the delivery and planned to drive me singpe the hospital. If a weekly nighttime babysitter seems like too much of an indulgence, at least try having someone come every few weeks or month, find parents you can swap sitting duties with, or consider more creative arrangements, like renting a room to a college student in exchange for child care duties.

So believe me when I tell you that it gets better, it actually does. Grab a copy of my fun printable cleaning calendar to make planning out your cleaning schedule a whole lot easier!

8 tips for raising a baby as a single mom

And now that my daughter is 5, I realize there was a lot I could have done to prepare for single motherhood. Twitter They say it takes a village to raise. Preparing the Nursery Trips to the baby superstore can be difficult for solo moms during the first weeks home, so it is important to get stocked and set up as early as bagy.

Learn to take a break Even without a support system, there are always little ways to find time to take breaks.

3 keys to surviving postpartum as a single mother

YOU are solely responsible for all the bills, for all the groceries, the singpe appointments, finding day care, going back to work… the list will never end. I break down all the tasks I have to keep the house clean and divide them over the 7 days of the week.

Take a break. Learn the Best baby hacks to save time These 21 incredibly helpful newborn hacks are essential to making the most of being a parent to a newborn.