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Tongan party line

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Tongan party line

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Politics of Tonga takes place in a framework of a constitutional monarchywhereby the King is tongah Head of ,ine and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Tonga's Prime Minister is currently appointed by the King from among the members of Parliament after having won the support of a majority of its members. Executive power is vested in the Cabinet of Ministers. Legislative power is vested in the King in Parliament, and judicial power is vested in the supreme court.

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The Ministry of Education library has 12, volumes.

An internal radiotelephone service connects Nuku'alofa, 'Eua, Nomuka, Ha'afeva, and Vava'u, and a direct overseas radiotelephone service links Nuku'alofa to other Pacific island capitals. The Lakalaka tonggan performed by both men and women with numerous dancers participating in synchronous movements. Nevertheless, in comparison with many other Pacific islands, Tonga is a healthy country. In the same year, infant mortality was an estimated In there were three privately owned radio stations.

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The bulk of Tonga's foreign reserves are invested in Australia. Visitor's visas are required by nationals of countries including China and Spain ; they are provided upon arrival and valid for one month. The student-to-teacher ratio for primary school was at about in ; the ratio for secondary school was about Both Tongans living in the islands and abroad distinguish traditional Tongan ways, or anga fakatonga, from those of the outside world.

Missionaries from the London Missionary Society arrived in followed by Wesleyan Methodist missionaries in the early s.

General secondary school lasts for five years. The ancient Tongans continued to communicate and trade with people from the neighboring islands of Fiji and Samoa.

Tattoos, however, were frowned upon and stopped by the missionaries, but was never completely suppressed. Since the early s and s, many Tongans have emigrated to other countries, parhy Australia, New Zealand and the United States, seeking employment, education and a higher standard of living.

Family is important and central to Tongan life. No tuition is charged at government schools except the high schoolbut small fees are charged at mission schools.

Tonga chat

The government owned one of the three television stations operating in Notable monuments include the great trilithon known as the Ha'amanga and some 45 langis, great rectangular platforms of recessed lin of coral limestone blocks that were erected as the tombs of medieval kings. Non-Tongans are charged on a fixed scale.

The population has access to safe water and adequate sanitation.

British captain James Cook also traveled to Tonga three different times from to In keeping with the Christian value of modesty of dress, Tongan clothing culture is quite conservative and shoulders and knees are usually covered. The Tongan Women's Progressive Association, formed inconducts programs for the betterment of village conditions and holds classes in a variety of subjects.

All male Tongans 16 years of age and older, except the aged and infirm, pay an annual head tax, the receipts of which are used to finance free education and medical benefits. Ref: PAColl Ethnically, Tongans are Polynesian, but also a mixture of Melanesian culture.

Country overview

The high chiefs live on Tongatapu, so it is known as the Land of Chiefs, and oarty other islands are called the Land of Servants. Inthere were 11, mainline phones in service throughout the country. Domestic violence is prevalent and dealt with according to tribal law and custom.

Higher tariffs apply to cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, and petroleum, while public sector goods are exempt. Arts and culture Painting the ngatu in Tonga, Its library in Nuku'alofa has 9, volumes covering agriculture, small business management, adult educationand an important collection of Pacificana.

Overview of economy

Principal items of expenditure were public healthmedical services, education, and agriculture. All words end with a vowel sound.

The nobles nopele may carry multiple titles and are often high-ranking government workers. Tongan tontan, like other Polynesian societies, was traditionally highly stratified with strong social norms and taboos. Meets Tu'i Tonga Bau.

Primary education is compulsory for six years. Nonresident businesses pay The GDP growth rate in stood at 1.

Tonga pacific island guide

Tonga's current king, Tupou VItraces his line directly back through six generations of monarchs. There are 4 hospitals and 14 health care centers, with a total of beds on the islands.

Meetings of Christian Endeavor societies and Bible classes are well attended by all ages.