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Two become one wedding song

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Two become one wedding song

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Don't see the part you want? Try another key. Verse 1 Here's my hand, it's yours to hold. I give myself to You.

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But this mystery and this mission, becomd to me from God for my marriage, spurs me on. Chorus 1 We are two becoming one.

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Wedeing our love put Christ on display. I often tell folks that, during my engagement, I was just too excited to sit still and write a song.

Try another key. I wish I was an expert on love.

That often gets a couple of snarls and chuckles. I wish that it was a grand tale of inspiration springing from the bliss of young love.

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Even His willingness to die for Her. Here's my heart, please make it yours.

Verse 1 Here's my hand, it's yours to hold. I give myself to You. Ephesians Paul is right. Don't see the part you want?

When two become one |

Love is not fighting for wto personal bliss, love is laying my life down for her. It reminds me of the true fight for love. You have all that once was mine. But again, nope.

Snarls from people who have never been married and chuckles from those who have. I know that might take out a little bit of the gooey feeling associated with this song. This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the Church.

When we're weak and when we're strong, When it's hard to carry on, Oh, God, we want Your love on display. Therefore a man shall sojg his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. This is profound!

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May what He's ed be not undone. And here's my promise: I'm yours to hold, I'll stay here by your side.

Verse 2 Here I am, here's all of me. Ywo like there are evidences of God all over creation Romansthis new creation — this taking two people and making them one — also bears witness to something amazing about Christ Himself. I give my love to You. We are two becoming one.