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Visions mens club new orleans

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Visions mens club new orleans

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Brian Thomas 10 months ago on Google It's ,ens so long since i been to this strip club. When i did visit the women were pretty and sexy and bout making money. If you aint spending they ain't pretending. The have a nice sound system, the staff is cool so you can expect to enjoy yourself

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Visions mens club - temporarily closed

They allow their dancers to be assaulted on the job, and when called out for not taking action against the situation, they accuse hundreds of concerned, out-of-state reviewers of "just being angry that they're banned from their club for selling drugs" despite having never stepped foot in the state. If you want to splash a little more cash, the party rooms are nsw better.

We couldn't get a drink to save our lives because the two bartenders from Da Parish were two The neighborhood already scares off enough customers and Downman Road specifically has had multiple shootings this year. I have been to Visions many times.

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Nowhere else to sit. Customers must be careful when partaking in activities outside of the club, especially when said activities are illegal.

June I love coming here. There are many dancers there, and most of them are lrleans opposite of criminals. There are girls sitting in prison right now who acted as an aide to a crime.

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The drinks are cold and reasonably priced. On Friday, he said, they arranged a similar date at his apartment after she told him she was in a bind and needed money.

The girls at Visions already deal with the stereotype of being foul, ghetto thugs. Enjoy their company while watching games on the 8 Big Screen TV's. Share this:.

The ladies are hot as hell. The victim said he fled the apartment after being hit on the head with the gun.

Visions men club

A high-crime neighborhood plus a reputation for employing convicts does not help Visions. Bar stools attached to the floor and a little too far visoons bar so slightly uncomfortable. I'm just going to post them as is, so they won't be in full sentence and may not make any sense at all, but hopefully they're of some use to you. They go person to person around the huge stage and shake it for a buck. We got him up on stage with two hot girls dancing on him and The DJ John messing with him A group of guys could hide in the bathroom and jump you when you got inside.

Our stunning girls!

If you aint spending they ain't pretending. Earlier this month, Sky agreed to meet a customer she met at Visions outside the club for sex.

A few post pregnancy bellies, but No one bad though, and the thick girls are the good kind of thick. Or msns you home. One girl pointed out that I dropped a dollar. Overall - This is a great club.

Where the locals go!

The gunman demanded money, and the two scuffled. I would never invite someone over to my house unless I knew them well. Dive bar strip club in the best possible way. Girls really looked like that have been ran hard, most were drunk as we arrived. The customer decided to have Sky meet him at his apartment. Reviews for Visions Mens Club February The owners here are probably the rudest and most immature I've managed to come across. Mixed but reasonably decent crowd.

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The drinks are cold and reasonably priced. Strippers take a big risk when they meet a random stranger at their house or hotel room for sex.

Variety 3. Great customer service a year ago on Facebook Strippers were not inspired and they smoke weed on stage. This clhb not help.

Location 2. Your best bet is to keep whatever it is in the club.

The ladies are hot as hell. Whether or not the managers realize it, it paints a horrible picture of the type of dancers the club employs.

How am I supposed to recommend this club to tourists who are concerned for their safety?