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Wearing moms panties

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Wearing moms panties

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The pantties so far. If are are transgender, a lot of this will be familiar. We are all as different as snowflakes, but even they share many traits.

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I was rather surprised to see that she had a bit of a smile on her face.

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I started attending these and quickly made many friends. All of a sudden I felt a powerful feeling lunge up from deep in my gut and suddenly push out words that seemed to come from out of someone else's mouth.

The teasing panyies sexual fantasies began to make me feel not only incredibly aroused beyond belief but a lot bolder, too! A few long minutes passed and I began to allow myself the luxury of fantasizing.

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By now it was too late to yell out to her from the bedroom. On her knees, looking up at me, pass my hardon that was almost touching her lips, she pulled her panties up my legs. Of course, I could not dare bring up the subject so I had to wait for her. I even began trembling a bit and felt cold, even though it was warm day.

Such naughty thoughts, especially with Mom in the front room, made me even more erect in her silky panties. These were a little silkier than the others and made me feel so wonderfully aroused.

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If she didn't notice her panties on me then putting my jeans on would put an end to any possibility of discussion. The state of constant arousal was extremely pleasant- at first! I had begun taking to walking into her room in her slip bra and panties mome leaving my jeans and shirt in my room, daring Mom to walk in so quickly that she would trap me in her room before I could run into mine to change. Was I wearjng hoping deep down that Mom would have a long talk with me and force me to stop?

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Actually, it was much more than an idea. Now I was swollen beyond belief with excitement and couldn't do anything about it!

There was no way Mooms could make Mom walk in on me again but I could control what I did. We all had breakfast with me wearing moms panties under my pajamas.

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What was the best I could possibly hope for, anyway? I waited as my heart began pounding and my breath grew shallow.

What would I say back? I became aware of not only the terminology, but the fact that there were many, many more people like me out there.

This was a tantalizing thought but I would not have the nerve to stay for long in her room and there was no guarantee psnties would walk right in behind me. Sitting there in her silky soft nylon panties with her was very arousing.

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I can live my life as Jess, or Jeff and be perfectly happy. The night shirt was made of nylon too. More and more, I fantasized about Mom catching me. Taking her mouth off my hardon she stood up, straddled me, pulled the panties away, then with one smooth stroke pantiws lowered her body on me until my hardon was completely buried inside her.

It was a reddish color and had a very shiny, glossy appearance. I was beside myself with confusion.

I have been in computers since the original home computer kits so I was early on the net. My bulging hard on poked out from the top of my jeans, eager for the room. Then the obvious hit me!

I was certain she had looked down but she turned so quickly. For some reason, the idea of having Mom see me in her underwear added an intense feeling of naughtiness that fueled the erotic element of my panty fantasy. This was even more daring than allowing Mom to walk in on me.

I imagined the surprise she would feel opening an empty drawer! She and I spend many hours with her as my teacher.

If Mom reacted harshly I could be permanently putting an end to my wonderful panty play. Then I took the fantasy a step further. How the hell would I sneak her panties back into her drawer? I had several opportunities a week to dress in her panties while she was out. Actually, it was all a big charade for me, pushing myself into situations where I could wearlng caught. I was stuck! With access to my desired things cut off I moved on to other attractions. I usually was home alone after school for no more than two hours which panhies more than enough time to overexcite myself with her panties.