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What do u like about me

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What do u like about me

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Helen Fisher, a biological anthropologist, specializing in the science of romantic partnerships, advises whay you should not stay silent in this area as it may ruin everything.

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How to answer ‘what do you like about me?’ question

She then increased the steroid dosage for the next week — it didn't work. I have a great sense of humor. September 3, at pm Selflove Participant This is great!! You're so talented and use your free time so wisely. The metformin is known to be a medication to treat type two diabetes, but it aboout prescribed for me to help with my insulin resistance with PCOS.

I look men

This is especially true if they are never satisfied with the answer you give them. Trusting your partner is about as important as loving them, if not more important. This may not often be the case with men. You really do like the person. The list is long.

If you like a girl because her legs turn you on, tell her. Tell them how you really feel.

After about seven years with PCOS, I now experience a hard time losing weight, monthly cyst ruptures, water retention and swelling, and hormonal acne. You wanna know how many TMI moments that woman and I have had? If there were other men in the world with the attributes we mentioned above, you know you would still choose your man. For instance, you can say: "I like that you are a good student and you're committed to getting into a good college. You make me laugh.

24 answers when you ask me why i love you

Say something like, "I like the way you eat peanut butter straight out of the jar when you think no one is looking. I definitely want to have children someday and as that inches closer to my life, it is on my mind more often. Looks may seem like a shallow basis for liking someone, but we all know it zbout. I'm crazy about you.

Not in an arrogant way but simply in a self respecting way. That being said, every PCOS experience is shockingly different, even though certain similarities remain.

This is my forever answer.

It's an honest question and an opportunity to get closer. What do you like about your partner's unique attributes or abilities?

Helen Fisher, a aboht anthropologist, specializing in the science of romantic partnerships, advises that you should not stay silent in this area as it may ruin everything. Keymaster Awesome list, Casey! I feel like we're really close when you do that. Try saying oike you immediately noticed and then transition into talking about personality: "What I first noticed about you were your eyes, but what I've come to like about you is your great sense of humor. In terms of evolution, the men of the species are known for keeping their family safe.

Compliment your partner. I like how you make me laugh. It wasn't what she was hoping for, but it was enough to stop pumping my body with steroids something neither she nor I was thrilled about. I trust you. It's their job to make sure you have j the information you need for your options later.

5 things you like about yourself

We've been through so much together. It's so easy to hang out, because you're always cracking me up.

Say something about your partner's personality. Show less. I love how talented you are at baking.

Compliment your partner for their intelligence and abilities. I got engaged in May and at the start of the day, my engagement ring fits like aboout glove, and by the end, my hands are so swollen it hurts to make a fist. For men, talking for hours on end might not be appealing. Thank you for sharing this exercise here.

What to say when your boyfriend asks why you like him

Learn to say how it is without exaggerating. Especially since my body has a hard time having a period much less a regular onethere aboout many concerns my doctor has about infertility down the road. When they asked me "when was your last period," like they do in all women's check-upsthat's when they began asking more questions.

Say things like: [4] X Research source "I've never felt this strongly about a boyfriend. The spironolactone helps control acne, fluid retention, etc.

It's not funny, and it's not complimentary. If you think the person you're with has a "hot body", that's great, but it's not necessary to make that the first or the most important thing that you list when your partner asks. Here are some of the tips to help you respond well. No slang ,ike body parts.

I Love that I Love to love others. You can lik his talent for budgeting money. I sometimes embarrass myself but I still make people laugh.