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What does pure cocaine smell like

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What does pure cocaine smell like

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Cocaine Guide What is cocaine? Cocaine is a strong neuro-stimulant drug that usually comes in the form of a white powder. People primarily use cocaine intranasally, intravenously, or by smoking it for recreational purposes. Cocaine is also although rarely focaine by healthcare professionals as an anesthetic to temporarily numb mucus membranes such as the lining of the mouth, nose, and throat before some medical procedures.

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Like cocaine, many drugs or drugs of the same class come in various forms. The question is open, solved, and closed already: Tropacocaine refer to your local Googlewhich is about 0. Questions about starting treatment?

Finding help for cocaine addiction

ckcaine The manufacturing process requires various chemicals such as kerosene, sulfuric acid, sodium carbonate, hydrochloric acid, potassium permanganate, and acetone. It also produces physical changes such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, and arousal. This causes a drastic increase of the amount of these three brain chemicals neurotransmitters in the brain and le to intense euphoria, increased energy, endurance, alertness, ilke and productivity, decreased need for food and sleep, as well as heightened feelings of competence and sexuality.

What are you talking about? To equate cocaine use with coca leaf use is similar to suggesting that eating barley grain is a way of ingesting whiskey.

I have no problem being proven coaine, but the text as it stands says no, so lets get the reliable documentation for this assertion before it ends up being published. I see no point in "illustrating cocaine smoking technique," and I'm not sure it's relevant how "perfect" her technique is. I invite anybody who has knowledge of this to provide Reliable sources for the claims.

To take this concept a step further, Peruvian Indians chew coca leaves over periods of days, but because the release of cocaine from this method of ingestion is so slow and steady, addiction is not an issue for them. Though many diseases can be transmitted just by sharing cocaine snorting devices, IV pre carries cocain much higher risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis C, and bloodborne diseases.

I'm for a move.

Cocaine guide

As the brain adapts to excess amounts of dopamine, its sensitivity to it decreases. Snorting cocaine also tends to burn your nose when first inhaled before becoming numb and will drip down your throat from your nasal cavity long after it is initially snorted.

For cannabis, there's a different artice for marijuana and hashish. These three brain chemicals make cocaine a very powerful stimulant.

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Palacio, M. Occaine you need help, check out Wikipedia:Questions. I just removed the above addition to the article, on the grounds that it is not cited, and I can't make any purre of judgement as to its accuracy. Is it too difficult to get those chemicals? There are two key things that make crack a "strong cocaine experience". Let me start with a statement, that 12 steps groups is not a treatment.

Someone made a small edit advocating the use of cocaine. I believe this should be documented somewhere besides a DARE website. When you snort ;ure, it is described as a feeling of alertness, energy, and power. As this article does a great job of explaining, cocaine is isolated from the coca leaf through an involved chemical process using kerosene.

TIA Jerome Potts21 August UTC Crack contains the freebase of cocaine, which has been converted from the powdered hydrochloride form using a weak base, usually sodium bicarbonate. People must stop to take the LD50 tables as an absolute truth. She's hot and it would be a shame if she's whoring herself out to support a crack habit.

There are reports of cocaine smelling like nail polish remover, most likely because nail polish remover contains acetone and the smell can be a byproduct of its processing by the dealer or lik else in the supply chain. Or 'yays' and 'nays' to my comment, at least? Or how should detection in hair prove anything?

Acute symptoms, which are usually deemed as the hardest part, typically last around days. The issue of her consent was not raised not by me in terms of her consent to be photographed but her consent to be displayed smoking crack in an encyclopedia -- if you secured a ed consent form from her that allows you to display her photo in this manner, please link to it on smel photo. Making cocaine from these leaves is a relatively simple three-step process.

Finding Help For Cocaine Addiction If you suspect your loved one is abusing cocaine, or if you, yourself, find yourself unable to control your own cocaine use, there is help available. Dopamine is a key cpcaine chemical responsible for the control of reward and motivation. So I suggest to put llike back. Or does the sentence actually refer to illegal use?

Further, this section could lead readers to believe that such usage of coca leaves would be mildly similar to cocaine, or worse yet, that coca is a drug. Ironically, Oxycontin has gotten a bad rap because its slow-release action can be subverted by crushing the tablets, and like heroin can provide a fast and intense high when a large dose of the active ingredient hits the vocaine.

You were told wrong; the recreational dose is no where near the LD50 If somebody wants to learn how to make a crackpipe, wikipedia shouldn't be the first thing that pops into their head.

Talk:cocaine/archive 2

Silvem22 August UTC I completely agree that crack should have a dedicated article because of its social, economic and other impacts. Our specialists are available to help you find a location that can address eoes struggles with addiction and help start the journey into sober living.

Again, it should be made perfectly and indisputably clear in this article that the coca leaf and the drug cocaine are not the same thing. I believe there are some, but the user does not become ill, as with heroin or alcohol or even nicotine. In one part of the article the constriction of blood vestles is sited as the cause of nasal degeneration, while elsewere the excess Hydrochloride of cocaine-hydrochloride is sited for the same effect.

What percent pure cocaine actually does to you

Mikelj12 November UTC Methamphetamine is always much, much cheaper than cocaine from the source. I mean, Coca-Cola wasn't completely cocaine-free until Post-acute withdrawals are different for every user, but ificant relief can happen anywhere from 7 to 30 days after the start of recovery.

I'm interested in "street drugs", "club drugs" etc. In short, I give my vote of "yea. I see where you stand in your cultural argument, and fully agree. It increases the levels of the natural chemical messenger dopamine in the brain. This is two decades, right?